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Welcome To Red Hot Country

Emcee, Dance Instruction & Performance Dance. Based in Maryland, Pepper seeks to provide the best music and dance instruction in a fun environment. Pepper is also a popular guest speaker and emcee! Pepper is available for dance workshops, weekends, parties, picnics, shows, corporate events and private lessons. Lessons include line dancing, pattern partner dances, two step, waltz, swing, dancing for team building and line technique for dance competitors. Have fun and dance!

A Few of Pepper's Teach Videos

Shooters Walk
Teach Video
Easy Dance To Shooter Jennings'
Song Walk Of Life

Cooties Teach & Demo
Step Sheet
Novice dance to
"Cooties" ¯
From the movie Hairspray

Wall Antlers Waltz Teach & Demo
Step Sheet
Novice dance to
"I'm Still A Guy"

Pop Goes My Heart Teach & Demo
Step Sheet ¯

Better Places Teach & Demo
Step Sheet

Untouchable Teach & Demo
Step Sheet

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